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About Stuart Hurlbert

Founded in 1968, the Stuart C. Hurlbert & Co. Inc., quickly became known as a reliable supplier of Jute filler yarns for flexible power cords and cables. The wire and cable industry is still the largest market for the Hurlbert company, but the product line has expanded to cover: Jute, paper and polypropylene fillers, tissue separator paper, natural and synthetic serving and braider yarns, and most recently, a complete line of plain and stainless steel extruder screens.

Cotton, polyester and nylon thread, both braided and twisted constructions, are supplied to shoe manufacturers, the embalming trade, craft workers and other users of heavy, durable lockstitch thread and bobbins.

Manufacturers of braided packings for fluid sealing use Stuart C. Hurlbert & Company's FLAX roving. FLAX (linen) yarns are utilized by hand weavers as well as upholstery and drapery manufacturers.

The Hurlbert Company represents Sidlaw Trading of Scotland in North America, supplying their high-quality JUTE yarns to weavers of Wilton and Axminster carpets.

Rug hookers across the country use Hurlbert's woven FLAX and JUTE fabrics as the backing for their hand-hooked rugs.

Pool and billiard players appreciate the excellent feel and luxurious appearance of the Hurlbert Irish Linen pool cue wrap.

Industries Served:

Electric Wire and Cable
· Twisted Paper
· Polypropylene
· Cotton
· Nylon
· Polyester
· Kevlar

· Tissue separator paper
· Extruder Screens

Braided Packing Manufacturing
· FLAX Rove
· JUTE Rove

Shoe Manufacturers
· Cotton Lockstitch Thread
· Dacron Lockstitch Thread
· Pre-Wound Bobbins

Billiard and Pool Cue Manufacturers
· #256 Irish Linen Cue Cord

Construction, Utilities and Arborists
· Rope
· Cord

Mortuary Trade
· Soft Linen Thread
· Waxed Linen Thread
· Braided Cotton Thread
· Waxed Braided Cotton Thread
· Twisted Polished Cotton Thread
· Fine Glazed Cotton Thread
· Waxed Polyester Thread
· Cellucotton Wadding

· Linen Yarn
· Linen Blend Yarns
· Natural Yarns
· Synthetic Yarns
· FLAX and JUTE Fabrics

Carpet Weavers
· High Quality JUTE Yarns


Our Staff

With a knowledgeable staff, combining more than 100 years experience in industrial textiles, the company prides itself in being useful to customers with unusual needs or applications for textiles.