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We are a major supplier of postmortem, suture and ligating threads to distributors nationwide supplying the embalming trade.

Illustrated above are the white cotton braid, twisted polished cotton, natural waxed and unwaxed linen and 18/3 polyester.

Shoe Industry

Specializing in heavy threads, we supply high quality footwear manufacturers with braided cotton and Dacron ® lockstitch threads and bobbins. We also supply other natural and synthetic cords and threads used in various footwear applications.

Pool Cue Manufacturing

The finest billiard and pool cues have used Stuart Hurlbert's #256 Irish linen cue cord wrap for many years. The traditional cord is black with a white spot, producing a marble like effect. However, more and more color options are now available and the effects are spectacular. The Hurlbert cue cord is renowned in the industry for vibrant colors and for the high quality of the finish obtainable after pressing the cord to the cue.